Accessibility Projects 

Roll-in showers

a larger than normal shower, so a person in a wheel chair can just roll in , so no curb , normally we re tile the bathroom floor and shower floor all with the same tile and you can’t even tell where the shower starts , the tile we use is an anti slip

Walk-in tubs –

a regular tub is approximately 15″ tall , a walk in tub is about 36″ tall, with a door, this is normally for a person who cannot lift their leg over a regular tub wall or for a person who can’t get in or out of a regular tub.

Roll under vanities  –

this is for a person in a wheel chair , so they can use the sink and faucet easier , they roll their wheel chair under the sink and counter top for easy access. 

Raised toilets – 

these are higher in height than a normal toilet, it is hard to tell the difference just looking because they normally only 2 or 3 inches taller , some people also use a thick padded toilet seat. 

Grab bars –

these are used by people that maybe have balance problems. It is for safety , normally in the shower and around the toilet area. 

Bathroom remodels –

To freshen up a bathroom , making an old out dated bathroom more modern. Remodeling a bathroom to make it more accessible, things like the roll in shower , grab bars , anti slip tile.

Door widening –

mostly for gaining wheel chair access into the home or other rooms like the bathrooms and bedrooms, most doors are 30″ inches and we normally make them 36 ” inches wide

Waiver Home Modifications –

the  waiver is a county program where the county will pay for home modifications for people needing home modifications done to their homes to make them more accessible and safe. 

Anti-slip tile floors –

it is 2″ x2″ tiles with a matte finish , the idea is for safety

Wood ramps –

ramps for wheelchairs , made out of lumber , normally green treated or Cedar tone treated lumber. Ramps make homes more accessible to get in and out of the home safely.

Metal ramps –

wheelchair ramps made out of Aluminum

Wood, chain link, vinyl fencing –

the fencing is normal fencing but the purpose is so children are safe.

Remodeling Projects

Whole House Remodeling

Basements – 

this is normal construction , finishing off basements is normally a family room , bedrooms, costs, bathrooms,  kitchenettes 

Bathrooms –

Bathroom make-over.

Kitchens –

remodeling kitchens like new cabinets and countertops , new appliances, flooring , lighting

Siding –

exterior siding, remove old siding and install new siding ,wood or metal or vinyl siding

Windows and doors –

replacing old windows with new windows and same for doors 

Painting –

interior or exterior , walls and ceiling

    New Construction

Garages –

we build new garages

Additions –

we build new additions

Decks –

we build new decks